From: Chambres d'hotes

Brussels Chocolate Mash

150 g pure chocolate
2 eggs
30 g sugar
1 spoon cocoa-powder (can be left out)
200 g whipped cream

Cut the chocolate in small pieces. Melt the chocolate in the microwave on 800 W (1 minute for 75 g). Separate the yolk from the glair, put all in the refrigerator. Put the yolk and 2/3 of the sugar in a bowl. Use a mixer until all sugar has dissolved. Now add the cocoa-powder, and stir. Add the melted chocolate, and stir. Take the whipped cream and add the rest of the sugar. And beat up light. Take the glair out of the refrigerator and beat it up stiff. Use a spoon to gradually add the whipped cream through the chocolate mixture. Do the same with the yolk mixture afterwards. Distribute the mash on small dishes and let it become stiff in the refrigerator during 1-2 hours.